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How many hours do you spend cutting sheets into cabinet parts? If you’re like most cabinet makers, it’s hundreds of hours every year. Now you can use SAWBOX to greatly reduce costly hard labor.

Becoming a SAWBOX Pro means:

  • YOU gain access to our state-of-the-art, CNC machinery
  • You and your team will receive training to design and cut your cabinet parts
  • You can order doors, materials, and hardware from our preferred vendors
  • Custom sizes – Absolutely! these ain’t import ‘knock together’ cabinets
  • Materials are delivered daily, AND on time
  • Cut several projects in a day
  • Spend more time selling jobs, less time cutting jobs

With SAWBOX, you can take on more work, make more money, all while saving time. The best part is you can still charge the same rates, and your customers will LOVE their new custom cabinets.

How SAWBOX works

Optional in-house assembly stations available here at SAWBOX

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